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Commercial Property Law

Before buying or selling a commercial property or entering into any commercial agreement involving property, tenancy, planning or environment issues it is vital that you find a solicitor with experience and knowledge of commercial property work. Solicitors Direct will find a commercial property solicitor suitable for your needs at no charge to you.


Commercial property solicitor firms will be able to assist with the following:


Advice on all aspects of commercial law, such as buying and selling commercial freehold and leasehold premises including licensed premises, hotels, industrial estates, office units and retail premises

Advice for institutional and individual landlords and tenants in the negotiation of business leases and leasehold matters generally and also statutory rights and obligations

Preparation of property option agreements and advice

Assistance in planning and environmental issues

Assignments and renewals of business leases

Advice on all aspects of land acquisition, site development and disposal

Property-related security work


Advice on the formation of commercial management companies


We will help you find the correct commercial property solicitor.

Solicitors Direct has a number of solicitors across the UK in it's team, including commercial property law solicitors. We will find the best commercial property solicitor for you based on your needs. You will be put in touch with an expert directly and fast.


Solicitors Direct helps you find the right solicitor qualified and specialising in commercial property law. Whatever your needs, call us on 0800 678 5079 or fill in the form to your right and let our experienced and trained staff match you to the best solicitor for your requirements. Many such solicitors work on a fixed fee basis.

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