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Motoring Offences and Motoring Law Solicitors

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Talk to a Solicitor Now! Solicitors Direct provides you with the very best solicitor. Our solicitors are specialists in motoring offences. From being issued with a speeding ticket, a notice of intended prosecution, charged with driving without insurance or an MOT, charged with dangerous or careless driving or face disqualification from driving, our motoring solicitors can help. If you are pleading guilty to an offence but would like to plead mitigation or special reasons / exceptional hardship, our motoring solicitors can help you draft a written plea, as well as represent you at court.


If you drive a PSV or HGV and are charged with a tachograph offence, our motoring offence solicitors can advise on possible defences. You can face up to two years in prison for more serious offences, such as forging or altering a tachograph, so it is essential that you seek quality legal advice now.


Most motoring offence solicitors will charge based on a fixed fee, meaning that you get certainty on costs right from the outset. Paying for quality legal advice and representation is a small price to pay to save your licence.


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